How To Address Employment Termination On Your Resume

Tuesday, September 19th 2023. | Resume
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Being terminated from a job can be a challenging experience, both emotionally and professionally. However, it is important to address this situation on your resume in a way that presents you in the best light possible. In this article, we will discuss some tips and strategies to effectively handle employment termination on your resume.

1. Be Honest

Honesty is key when addressing employment termination on your resume. It is important to clearly state the reason for termination without embellishing or hiding the truth. Avoid using negative language or blaming others for the termination. Instead, focus on what you learned from the experience and how it has helped you grow professionally.

2. Choose the Right Format

When it comes to formatting your resume, there are a few options you can consider. One approach is to include a brief explanation of the termination in your cover letter or introductory paragraph. Another option is to address it in a separate section of your resume, such as “Employment History” or “Professional Experience.” Choose the format that feels most appropriate for your situation.

3. Focus on Your Achievements

While it is important to address the termination, it is equally important to highlight your accomplishments and skills. Focus on your achievements in previous roles and demonstrate how you have successfully overcome challenges in your career. This will help shift the attention away from the termination and onto your qualifications for the job.

4. Use Positive Language

When discussing the termination, use positive language and avoid dwelling on the negative aspects. Instead of saying “I was fired,” you can say “My position was eliminated due to company restructuring.” By framing the termination in a more positive light, you can show potential employers that you are resilient and able to adapt to change.

5. Provide References

To further strengthen your case and address any concerns about your termination, consider including references from previous employers or colleagues who can vouch for your skills and work ethic. These references can attest to your abilities and provide reassurance to potential employers that the termination was not a reflection of your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Should I include the reason for termination on my resume?

While it is not necessary to include the reason for termination on your resume, it is recommended to address it in a professional manner. This can help avoid any misunderstandings or assumptions by potential employers.

2. How do I explain being terminated during a job interview?

During a job interview, it is important to be honest about your termination while focusing on what you learned from the experience and how you have grown professionally. Emphasize your skills and achievements to demonstrate your value to the potential employer.

3. Can I leave out a job from my resume if I was terminated?

While you have the option to leave out a job from your resume if you were terminated, it is generally recommended to include it. Leaving out a job may raise questions about gaps in your employment history, and it is better to address the termination directly to provide context.

4. How can I address a termination due to performance issues?

If you were terminated due to performance issues, it is important to take responsibility for your actions and show that you have learned from the experience. Highlight any steps you have taken to improve your skills and performance since the termination.

5. Should I consult a professional resume writer to address employment termination?

While it is not necessary to consult a professional resume writer, it can be beneficial in some cases. A professional resume writer can help you craft a well-written and strategically formatted resume that effectively addresses the employment termination.


Addressing employment termination on your resume can be a challenging task, but with the right approach, it can be done effectively. Be honest, choose the right format, focus on your achievements, use positive language, and provide references to showcase your skills and qualifications. By following these tips, you can present yourself in the best possible light and increase your chances of landing a new job.


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